Alison has always
demonstrated a strong
ability to listen to people
and to understand what is
needed in order to support
them to be their best.

She is a pleasure to work
with, always offering the
right level of challenge
and insight to projects she
has worked on.

Her communication skills
enable Alison to get the
most from relationships
and work effectively with
others too.
Changing Mindsets
Customer Communication
It is a fact of life within the workplace that to achieve your goals you will have to deal with other individuals within the organisation.  This in itself can present problems.  Yes, there are those who are a pleasure to deal with and always give you the information you require when required; but equally there are those you do not look forward to interacting with.  In fact, you try to avoid them.  Is this their problem or yours?  Why do you not want to deal with these people?

It is a well known fact we are all-different and have different ways of working and maintaining good internal relationships to achieve the business objectives is crucial to any organisations success.  But this is never that straightforward and in fact can be very complex to achieve.  Either way, your own mindset will be playing large part in how you give, receive, interpret and act on information.

I can help you cut through the complexities of communication and to understand other individual’s patterns of communication and behavioural style and, more importantly, the impact (negatively or positively) you may be having on that.  Once achieved, you will suddenly appreciate how it becomes much easier to persuade and influence your colleagues to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Also, this issue of complex communication is not unique to you.  Your colleagues will have the same problem.  Imagine you and your colleagues approach this solution in the same way?  The net result is that you all achieve your goals - the ideal solution for the business.  This is my fundamental approach to improving the performance of working teams.
Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.  Henry Ford
Internal Relationships
Understand why the correct competencies and behaviours may not be enough
Gain new insights into what drives your behaviours and how these affect the people you work with
Improve productivity through effective cross functional working - Learn how to predict and apply the most effective influencing and communication styles.
Learn how to get the best out of yourself and bring the best out of your colleagues
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The workshops I detail below are examples of the kind of programme I can put together for your organisation.  The topics covered and desired outcomes will always be tailored to your specific challenges following a detailed consultation.  Please call to discuss the options available.  Contact details are here.
Taking Teams To The Next Level
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