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Customer Communication
'Learn the art of simplifying complex conversations with your customers'   Alison Furlotti
How often has your customer requested something of you and when you deliver their response is “that’s not what I really wanted”?  Or you have spent most of the year engaging with a customer and wondering why you have not met your target?  Then there is another customer who needs your help but you just can’t seem to engage with them and develop the relationship further?

You have many choices in your working life and making the correct ones will impact your success.  One of these choices is “Of the many customers out there who do I spend the majority of my time with?”. Have you heard the term “happy ears”?  How often do you come away from a customer meeting believing there are unlimited opportunities for your business there?    It is important you put aside the need to project your own views, thoughts, assumptions, feelings and motives onto your customers and start to understand how they think, process information and the language they use to express their specific needs.  By doing this you will reach a completely different level of understanding with your customer.

I can help you understand your customer’s different language and behaviour patterns which will give you the required insight into their underlying motivations and buying influences.  This enables you to connect at a deeper level with your customer.  How good would it feel to leave any customer meeting knowing what they actually said and meant as opposed to what you believe you heard?  These levels of communication need not be complex but - once mastered - will contribute enormously to your success.  Imagine your customer saying to another (prospective) customer “You should speak to Fred at xyz Ltd, (s)he immediately understands my requirements and delivers every time”.  Now that is a reference that grows your business.
The workshops I detail below are examples of the kind of programme I can put together for your organisation.  The topics covered and desired outcomes will always be tailored to your specific challenges following a detailed consultation.  Please call to discuss the options available.  Contact details are here.
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Understanding Your Customer
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I have worked with Alison
for the last 5 years and can
highly recommend her.

Alison invests time to really
understand people and
business requirements. 
She continually provides
value through challenge
and input.

Alison develops excellent
relationships and is
extremely credible, due to
her expertise and
commitment to deliver.

Alison is a real team player
and a pleasure to work
Victoria Bourne
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