Case Study - Pharmaceutical Healthcare Team
Recently, the company has gone through a number of organisational changes and as so often happens at these times it
is crucial to maintain the motivation required in order to continue to deliver the results expected. 

My team in particular is measured on detailed deliverables and I felt that although we are extremely experienced and high
achieving in our field it was important to ensure that we embraced positively the challenging organisational transition.

With Alison’s help I was able to agree a process of building a platform to energise the team by creating the right mindset
required to deliver on new  company challenges and departmental objectives. 

Alison took the time to understand each member of the team and then developed a specific program that focused on self-
belief, empowerment and personal accountability resulting in a closer relationship and bond. We all left the meeting
feeling a strong sense of personal commitment to take on the challenges ahead.

What was equally key for me was how Alison was able to demonstrate our personal impact and effect on others through
developing our self-awareness.  The learning’s made by the team are extremely practical and will add value for the future.

I was particularly impressed with Alison’s credible and professional style - she displays a natural ability to bring people,
business and required outcomes together. 

She teaches others to recognise and leverage their potential for the good of both themselves and the Business.  Her
communication skills coupled with high energy and enthusiasm made the experience very enjoyable. I would highly
recommend her.

JS (Pharmaceutical Manager) February 2013

Team Feedback:

What was the most powerful learning for you today?

"Developing the mentality to take responsibility leaving you in a position of control."
"To consider other people's mindsets when relating."
"Awareness of other peoples interpretation of communication."
"Awareness of others perspectives and changing communication style if not working."
"Committing to a ‘culture’ and considering other's perspectives and mindsets."

Other comments:

"Great day, very encouraging."
"Enjoyed the content and style of training, very different would like more of this."
"Really enjoyed it."
"Lots of good exercises not just sitting around all day listening."

“Enjoyed the content and style of training, very different would like more of this."  Team Member
Case Study - Pharmaceutical Medical Team
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The team has been one of the highest performers in terms of delivering growth to the business in recent years. As a result of that success two of the most experienced individuals have been promoted to positions elsewhere in the company. This has resulted in the recruitment of new team members and a potential slowdown in our development while the team dynamic is re-established.

In order to speed up the process we called on Alison's expertise to profile each member of the team, identify key characteristics and then devise a workshop to identify how the team could best work together.

Alison took time to discuss the profiles in one to one meetings with each of the individuals so that everyone understood their particular learning styles and ways of working. She then constructed a full days workshop where the team interacted with each other in role plays and gave feedback on themselves and other team members.

Everyone came away from the individual and group meetings highly motivated and expressing their positive feedback on Alison's techniques in mentoring the group and getting people to get out of their comfort zone in a safe environment. Each person then followed this up by identifying one area they wanted to work on going forward and built these into their personal development plans. 

I would thoroughly and unreservedly recommend Alison's services to any Manager who wants to really understand what makes their team tick and wants to develop their people to their full potential.

Duncan Kettles, Head of Consumer Healthcare, Sanofi  June 2014

“I would thoroughly and unreservedly recommend Alison's servicesDuncan Kettles