Developing and maximising relationships - whether it is within an organisation or with your customers - is a strong passion of mine and at the heart of everything I do.  It is vitally important that in order to be successful people must be skilled in listening to and understanding other people - there is an art in understanding what really matters to people.  When you achieve this you can then make the necessary plans and actions to maximise the effectiveness of your people and in turn your business.

I have worked as a Sales Executive, Recruitment Manager, Customer Service Manager and Human Resources Manager for more than 20 years and have always been at the very heart of organisational issues.  What have I learnt?  Don’t over complicate the communication process, focus on doing the basics really well - both internally and with customers.

Give people a chance to master the required skills and you will reap the reward of business success.


Master NLP Practitioner  |  Master NLP Coach  |  Language and Behaviour (LAB) Practitioner  |  Certified iWAM Professional  |  Conversational Coaching  |  Timeline Coaching  |  Hypnotherapist  |  Advanced Linguistics

Alison Furlotti
Changing Conversations Ltd
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"I am particularly impressed with Alison’s credible and professional style - she displays a natural ability to bring people,
business and required outcomes together.  She teaches others to recognise and leverage their potential for the good of both
themselves and the Business.  Her communication skills coupled with high energy and enthusiasm make the experience very
enjoyable. I would highly recommend her"  JS, Pharmaceutical Manager